How Your Church Can Help You Through Difficult Times

Although many people dread going to church every Sunday, they may not realize the full range of benefits of going to church regularly. A church is a community of people who act as a second family. So becoming a devoted church member is one of the best ways to get through any difficult time.

Offer financial support

Nearly every church collects offerings each week. A number of churches collect offerings that benefit individual members of the congregation. These offerings are given as acts of courtesy to individuals who have experienced traumatic life events, such as serious car accidents, deaths in the family, loss of property, etc. Every church member should look into the financial benefits available to them.

Promote collective love and sympathy

A church is a benevolent community that thinks and acts as a single body. This is beneficial to an individual who lacks the love and support of his or her existing family or who has no family members at all. Whenever a bad situation happens, the entire church comes together as a whole and embraces each individual as a loved one.

Encourage lasting friendships

After a difficult time, people tend to reduce their social interactions and grow more reclusive at home. A church promotes an environment of openness and togetherness that encourages people to become friends with one another. This environment encourages its members to form long-lasting friendships that are mutually beneficial.

Hear relevant stories

Church pastors and religious leaders, in general, are great storytellers. They tell stories that are meant to be relevant to everyone’s lives. They make frequent references to passages and events in the Bible. A person who is going through a hard time needs to hear that other people are going through the same difficulties.

Access to mental health services

Due to the increasing awareness of mental health issues, many churches now have access to mental health service providers. The types of services vary and may include access to individual psychotherapy, group counseling, medical supervision, recreational therapy, and other services.

Churches work to maintain strong values and integrity in the wider community. Becoming a member requires some level of attendance and participation. But joining this community is highly recommended and beneficial to anyone who experiences difficulties in life.

Published by glenndukeraustralia

Glenn Duker is a lawyer and man of faith living in Australia.

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