How to Tell Your Kids About Christianity

Teaching your kids about Christianity can be more complicated than you realize. They will have many questions, and you may not have all of the answers that will satisfy them. It can also be challenging to instill faith in Christianity in your children since this is usually something each individual has to come to on their own. By following a few good practices for introducing spirituality into your children’s lives, you can guide them towards sharing your beliefs.

Teach Religious Literacy

 While you want your children to share your beliefs, only teaching them about Christianity can have the opposite effect. You should teach your children about a variety of faiths and encourage them to read about religions on their own. Show them how each religion shares symbolism and themes with other religions. By understanding a little something about a variety of different religions, your children will have fewer doubts about the religion your own family practices.

Teach Science Along With Religion

 There’s a tendency to teach religion or science as though these two tenets are opposing forces. Instilling that type of conflict in your children will only confuse them. Instead, teach them that science and religion go hand in hand. Look for ways to show that God has had a hand in science. Finding ways of connecting religion with science will encourage your kids to learn more about both areas of study.

Teach About a Loving God

 Society and cultures around the world are filled with songs, poems, mottos, and phrases that reference God and spirituality. Much of that poetry and prose implies that God is vengeful and should be feared, but that’s not something you want your children to feel. Instead, teach them that God loves them and wants to help them. You should also try to teach your children that referring to God in a song or poem isn’t always done to evoke belief. Sometimes, religion is just used to emphasize an oath or promise without having stronger religious undertones.

 Finally, you shouldn’t get too wrapped up in the seriousness of religion. While attending mass is a somber experience, it’s also a celebratory one. Look for ways to keep religion and Christianity fun and interesting. Read books or watch movies with Christian themes. Look for activities that open the discussion to spiritual themes. There’s no reason your family can’t have fun as they learn about Christianity.

Published by glenndukeraustralia

Glenn Duker is a lawyer and man of faith living in Australia.

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