How Can You Help Support Your Church in 2022?

Even after you find a great church to join, you may want to get more involved with the people in your spiritual community. One great way to get involved is to help your church grow and increase its membership. In addition to helping you meet more like-minded people, you’ll be helping your community grow closer to God. There are several actions you can take or suggest to your church’s leadership to increase membership and mass attendance.

Get Your Church Involved in Community Events

You can start to grow your church’s membership by getting the organization involved in more community events. If your church doesn’t already host bingo games on the weekends, see if you can get that started. You can also help to organize one-time events or annual events that will interest the community. You can also organize fundraisers to feed the poor, clothe the homeless, or assist victims of domestic abuse. Any of these activities can help raise interest in your church.

Promote Your Church Online

You can use your own social media posts to promote your church to your friends and followers. You may have friends who are curious about your faith but who may be reluctant to get involved. Posting pictures of yourself at mass or at church events can show them that you belong to a friendly and welcoming community. You can also share pictures of your church to show its beauty and its dedication to the history of your faith. 

Organize Youth Activities

You can have fun as you grow your church’s reach when you work with your church to organize youth activities. In addition to religious classes and instruction, you can organize retreats, day camps, and nature hikes. These are opportunities to provide children with fun activities to do with people who share their families’ spiritual beliefs. By focusing some of your energy on children, you’ll help to shape the beliefs of the next generation.

No matter what strategies you choose to try to grow your church, you can do more by getting others involved. Talk to other parishioners about volunteering their time. Even getting just a few hours a week from each person you recruit will make a big difference with your efforts. When you work together in spreading God’s word, you’ll have a much more significant impact on your community.

Published by glenndukeraustralia

Glenn Duker is a lawyer and man of faith living in Australia.

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