The Countries With The Highest Christians Populations

There are cities all over the world that identify as Christian, and enjoy the community that is provided by their religious community. More countries have started to see an increase in practicing Christians in recent years and are expected to continue growing in the coming years. The following countries include the highest population of Christians or are expected to become one of the highest populations by 2060. 

Top Countries 

United States

It is likely not surprising to learn that the United States has the largest Christian population. According to the data from Lifeway Research, the United States has approximately 248 million Christians, which accounts for over 79% of the population. It is expected to remain the top country with Christians by 2060. 


Following the United States is Brazil, with a population of approximately 179 million Christians in 2021. Like the United States, it is predicted that Brazil will remain as the country with the 2nd largest population of Christians in 2060, signifying its importance to the country. 


The country with the third-highest population of Christians is Mexico, with over 113 million people. While Mexico is expected to remain in the top ten countries, it is predicted that Mexico will be overtaken by The Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Philippines, and Nigeria. It is expected that approximately 90.6% of the population will be of the Christian faith. 

Growing Counties


Currently, Nigeria is ranked as the 6th highest population of Christians, with 94.3 million people practicing Christianity. This currently accounts for 47% of the country’s population. By 2060, its Christian population is expected to move up to the third spot, with over 174 million practicing Christians. 

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Another country is expected to see an increase in those following Christianity between 2021 and 2060. The Democratic Republic of Congo is expected to have a population of 180 million Christians by 2060. This would be significant growth from 2021, with the current population of Christians at just over 72 million people. 

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Glenn Duker is a lawyer and man of faith living in Australia.

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