Trends In Christianity To Be Aware Of In 2022

As the year draws to a close, we see significant changes in our church congregations. Many things have contributed to this, from pandemic safety measures to political upheaval. Jesus remains the same, but the world is in a constant state of change.

Evangelizing methods that worked in the past are becoming obsolete. Pastors and teachers should adapt to the new world if they wish to preach the message of Christ, speaking the language of the people in order for it to reach their hearts.

Some new trends in Christianity to watch out for as you enter 2022 include:

The Millennial Mindset

A disturbing percentage of young people are leaving their churches today. If you ask them, most will say it is because they do not feel important. Many pastors ignore issues that are important to millennials. 

Social media makes the world a small place; young people more readily follow a person that they can relate to. Instead of writing the Internet off as a cheap strategy, use it to reach out to young people who have left the church. It is a very powerful tool by which you can remind them of Jesus’ love and bring them home.

Emptier Buildings

Following the pandemic and subsequent safety measures, most pastors have noticed that their buildings have a smaller attendance for church services. They have had to stream these services live for the many people afraid to enter large crowds.

Since humans are social creatures, those church pews will become full again over time—but while we wait for the pandemic to clear up, online ministries should make greater efforts to reach believers who prefer to stay behind the screen.

Many Ways of Evangelizing

The Internet allows us to get creative when it comes to evangelization. Social networks provide countless possibilities for sending out the message of salvation. Christians using social media are able to reach thousands of people. This gives us the potential to flood the web with the Word of God.

To spread a message of hope, we ought to be creative with our preaching, keeping in mind that something simple as an Instagram post could change someone’s life.

Published by glenndukeraustralia

Glenn Duker is a lawyer and man of faith living in Australia.

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