How To Support Your Church

It is paramount to give back to the people who have offered themselves to help us in the current difficult times. One institution that is mostly forgotten is the church. In as much as it may seem to be supported by the clergy or exclusively relies on the clergy for its future, the church depends on its congregation for it to thrive. The following are ways to help the church.

Praying for the church

Commitment to praying for the church and the clergy is crucial in ensuring that it remains united. The clergy and staff have personal challenges that make them weak. For them to continue nourishing the followers’ hearts with the Word of God, praying for them gives them strength to pull through the battles. Praying not only pleases God but also brings us closer to righteousness. During the current pandemic that has left many people jobless, praying is an absolute way to help without financial expenditure.

Getting involved

Involvement in church activities can appear different to everyone. Activities like cleaning the pews and seats after church services, reading the Bible, and learning more about different services create a preeminent resource for the church. The most important thing is to attend the services, either physically or virtually. Taking part in the services and sacraments keeps the families united and eventually translates to centrality and unity in the church.

Sharing one’s story with the church

It is vital to share with the church what one has witnessed through serving God. Gaining the courage to stand before the congregation and testifying God’s deeds positively influences one’s heart and encourages one to share more. Sharing God’s doings emboldens the other members to serve whole-heartedly and support the mission to further the kingdom. God values the time we spend in His kingdom to inspire, teach and challenge his children.

Inviting the church for one’s support

One may be willing to invite their friends for prayers and financial support in times of need. It is salient to invite the experience in the church for prayers and spiritual support. The retired and experienced congregation helps one avoid making mistakes that might occur in the future overburden one in their church missions. Possession of a unique church experience enriches the ministry and creates a stronger platform in support of the ongoing missions.

Published by glenndukeraustralia

Glenn Duker is a lawyer and man of faith living in Australia.

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