A Deeper Look at the New Testament

Perhaps no book in history has caused more conflict, division, and strife than that of the Bible. While many see it as a holy book full of miraculous wonder, it is also a historical book full of events that have been well documented in other places as having occurred. Written by dozens of different authors, the Bible is actually more of a compilation of books than a singular book. It also consists of two separate and distinct sections, the Old Testament and New Testament. 

There is also a great deal of controversy over which books belong in the Bible and which do not, and over the centuries, there have been numerous different translations, compilations, and versions of the Bible printed. 

The New Testament, of course, largely centers around the person of Jesus Christ and his time and activities on earth. Unlike the Old Testament, however, which is largely assembled in chronological order, the New Testament is a compilation of stories and eye-witness accounts that largely take place over roughly the same time frame. As a result, it tends to jump forwards and backward in time from chapter to chapter or book to book. 

While many people may doubt some of the more supernatural elements or accounts found in the New Testament, it is and has been found to be historically accurate in the context of what was happening in the world during that time in history, particularly in regards to what was happening in Israel and the Middle East, which is where the events found in the New Testament largely take place. 

Needless to say, the most argued, debated and hotly contested aspect of the New Testament is in regards to who Jesus was. In the Old Testament, Jews (known then as the Hebrews) believed in the coming of a Messiah. While some Jews at the time believed Jesus to be that Messiah, many did not. 

This controversy became the basis for the division between Judaism and Christianity and continues to this very day. While modern Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah and Jews do not, there are some Jews that do believe that Jesus was the foretold Messiah. These are often referred to as Messianic Jews.

Published by glenndukeraustralia

Glenn Duker is a lawyer and man of faith living in Australia.

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